Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Winter training has begun!!

Last weekend was the beginning of winter training it seems to come round so quick!! i think we have all adjusted well and there has only been a few people moving around obviously its hard to fit everyone in to were they want to be but then in a class thats at there level but i think we may have cracked it!!
We will hopefully be putting flyball on Sundays aswell at 12pm in the future but will confirm that.
Get well soon to Caroline whos was involved in a car crash the other day our thoughts are with you, get well soon from all of us at the club!!!

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Winter training

Last night tonight of summer training, an email has been sent to everyone with times and new price strutcher and those of you who have been to training this week will have seen it on the notice board. For anyone who is not on the emailing list please drop Lucy an email and you'll be put on the list, lucyb@twang.co.uk. We would very much appreciate it if you could just send us a quick email to indicate you have read the email. Please remember that now the winter is upon us there may be times when we will need to cancel and sometimes at short notice so any new phone numbers please always let us no!!
Please please ensure your dogs are on leads from your car to the paddock as the farm dogs are out and about and please remember it is there home!!
As some of you may be aware we've had a few winners recently, Lucy and Milly have won there agility so have moved straight up to grade 2 in there first season what an achievement huge congratulations. Also Nicole and Brandy won there jumping at a limited show last weekend so that was fantastic and thank you to Andrew for videoing it it was fab, also to Jo and Alfie and Nicole and Twiglet for all there achievements in the novelty show running along side the agility. And a mega congratulations to Jo and Alfie for only getting 5 faults in there first ever agility competition well done guys, well done to everyone there are a few shows coming up towards the end of the year that are close by theres 2 at solihull and a 2 day show at moreton morrell i shall print some schedules off and hopefully get as many people as possible to them give me a shout if you want an entry form!

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Capable canines

Last weekend Lucy and Milly, Andrew and Poppy, Mel and Conker, Ali and Winni and Gunna and Julie and Harry and Sally all competed at capable canines show. We all camped over and its a gorgeous venue plenty of dog walking was done and splashing around in the river humans and dogs....
Everyone did really well and Melanie got her first ever clear in her first every show woop woop!! Unfortunalty it was in beat the judge where the judge puts a time in an envelope and who ever is closest to it wins otherwise she had the quickest time in her group so if it was a normal class she would have won it.
Andrew and Poppy were abit of a differnet story unfortunaly Poppy really doesnt seem up for it anymore so whether shes in pain we dont no so she will be taking a break from it all.
Lucy and Milly had alot of near misses again and mainly just one mistake but ending up being a costly mistake by being eliminated but we all learn and hopefully they'll be clicking again soon.
Ali and Winni had some good clears and so did Gunna so well done there both starting to look like proper agility dogs woop woop.
Julie and Sally and Harry i think had alot of just one poles otherwise they would have gone clear and no running out the ring so thats fab news.
Well done guys im really proud of you and we had a great weekend with some fantastic people and a few humans lol......
And i mustn't forget the clubs biggest acievement was Sizzles getting his bronze good citizen with no training so well done Andrew and Sizzles!!!

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Club show

Ok guys i know there are a few of you who want to no where you are on the table so i'll do it all quickly. I was really pleased with dogs and handlers today ive seen some really promising pieces and some off the dogs are getting some real confidence. Some have suffered with the heat but picked up when the clouds came over so well done guys you should be really proud of yourselves. Quick thankyou to everyone that helped also to Lucy for scrimming for me i know its hard just concentrating on me all afternoon lol!!
So here are the results.
1st Alison with Barney
2nd Lucie and Murphy
3rd Lucy and Milly
1st Anne and Crafty
2nd Anne and Gloria
3rd Julie and Harry
4th Lucie and Murphy
5th Nicola and Suiki
1st Julie and Harry
2nd Anne and Gloria
3rd Lucie and Murphy
4th Melanie and Conker
5th Nicola and Suiki

Hope you all had a great day and the next show is 28th August 12pm please please put it in your diarys and that is a Saturday!! I have updated the table.

Monday, 12 July 2010


This weekend we went to Bretford show and im sorry to say Lucy and Milly had no spasy moments at all so they must be getting better lol. Actually they are getting loads better and even people are commenting the same around the rings. Milly is always abit excited on her first run of the day and forgets herself a little and Lucy does very well to handle her. We tried a new thing with her contacts which im pleased to say worked well and shes had some smashing weaves. Towards the end off the weekend the even managed to get round a course without Milly barking at Lucy to hurry up and shes really starting to look ahead and take lines on her own so some fab work well done guys.
Lucie and Murphy also joined us on Sunday, there first round was lovely Murphy just slipped on landing after a fence and went in the second weave but im pleased to say he then went on to do lovely weaves. In there jumping he just had a pole because his naughty Mummy gave him a command in the air and he just droped his back legs. They had a loveley clear in the combined 1-3 agility to finish up 11th place out of a class of 150 dogs woop woop well done guys im so proud of you!

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Cotswold Canine rescue and Murphy pics....

Here are two fab pictures that Lucie has sent me off Murphy at the show on Sat as you can see he is very proud of his rosette. We have the pictures that Pen has taken so we will upload them onto the blog asap with some prices aswell.
I must once again thank Crofts for there goodie bags i know the people that won them where very appreciative, so please dont forget guys if you go into the shop please say thankyou for them.
Lucie has just informed us that she runs a dog rescue it is differnt in the way that the dogs dont go into kennels they stay in foster homes so happier dogs :). I no a few off you are looking for dogs so may be worth a look on her website to see if there is anything that may interest you. As a club we have decided to also do abit of fundraising for the rescue so we are planning some things which we will let you no off asap. Please take a look www. cotswoldcaninerescue.co.uk.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

3rd Little Stars show

What lovely weather we had for our third show we were very lucky. All the dogs went well and fingers crossed it gave some of the new people an insight into the agility scene and some off the rules that dont come up in training. I was really pleased with how the dogs coped with the atmosphere and weather and saw some very promising bits from all handlers and dogs. Fingers crossed we will get the photos up asap for you all and you can order them through me or Lucy. Points table has been updated below so you can check and her where yesterdays results
Agility 1st Lucie and Murphy (with some cracking weaves well done)
2nd Sarah and Jess

Jumping 1st Lucy and Milly (in 18secs woop woop)
2nd Anne and Gloria
3rd Anne and Crafty

Steeplechase 1st Anne and Crafty
2nd Sarah and Jess
3rd Anne and Gloria

Well done to everyone and thankyou to everyone who helped with the running of it and looking forward to the next!!!